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Mobile in no time

The coronavirus crisis has temporarily transported the world of work into its digital future. Many companies have had to switch to new ways of working at short notice in order to keep their day-to-day business running. Now there is also demand for more permanent solutions.

As the first offices reopen for everyday business, many companies have recognized that flexible structures and remote working lead to greater efficiency – but only if the necessary IT infrastructure is in place. In this respect, the crisis has acted as a catalyst for the digitalization of workplaces. The task now is to replace improvised IT solutions with a permanent environment that enables mobile working.

The TESMA® platform enables your company to efficiently manage digital workplaces, while its self-service portal provides a high level of convenience.

The right platform for device management

Transparent and structured device management is essential in this context. This is where TESMA® from CHG-MERIDIAN comes into play: The platform automatically manages the entire technology lifecycle, thus facilitating the smooth and hassle-free migration of employees throughout the company to the digital workplace. Thanks to TESMA®, organizations have a full overview of their devices and related processes at all times, from capital expenditure planning and usage patterns to certified data erasure at the end of the lifecycle. By bringing together technical and commercial data, the platform provides clarity about not only devices and their functionality but also related total costs and cost centers. Reports can be created with just a few clicks.

Self-Service for the digital workplace

New to our portfolio is the TESMA® portal, a self-service portal that provides the same shopping experience as an online retailer. Employees can order their preferred devices, such as smartphones or laptops, from a predefined catalog. If they want to upgrade to a higher-spec model, then paying a supplement for this through payroll is easy and fully automated. The equipment is sent directly to employees, who can start to use it immediately. TESMA® takes care of the rest by controlling and managing all processes from dispatch to rollback in one system. This saves the IT department a lot of time and makes employees feel part of the decision-making process.

The high level of automation offered by the platform relieves the burden on IT considerably. Seamless, standardized processes for procurement, rollout, and maintenance, fast-track approval processes, and defined organizational structures keep administration to a minimum and reduce potential sources of error. The IT and finance departments can call up all key technological and commercial data at any time. Thanks to its fully integrated and resource-efficient approach, TESMA® provides transparency throughout the equipment’s lifecycle, a particular benefit for SMEs where budgets are notoriously tight and admin personnel exceptionally busy.

Remote working will become increasingly important in the future, as it can help to keep costs down and boost an employer’s attractiveness in the battle for talent. A platform such as TESMA® allows companies to implement the digital office affordably, without hassle, and with predictable costs.

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Digital skills are a success factor

Employees are important drivers of digitalization

Remote working has become a hot topic like never before, which underlines how important it is to help employees to develop their digital skills. An important tool in this respect is the Employee PC Program, a government-supported solution that boosts employees’ digital mindset while they are at home.

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Remote working

Remote working made simple: The platform factor

Data platforms allow us to organize and structure the flood of digital information in a sensible way when working remotely. They also enable us to work in virtual teams across borders. From anywhere. This type of flexibility is already the norm at CHG-MERIDIAN, and every day we learn something new.

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