Do you want to lay the foundations for a career in sales in an innovative and international company? Are you motivated, dedicated and do you have a business degree or comparable qualification? Do you have strong communication and sales skills and are you keen to prove yourself in the sales department of a successful company? Would you like to work for a fast growing, sustainable and carbon neutral company?

Then CHG-MERIDIAN is the right place for you! Choose the TrailS career path and learn what it takes to become a real sales professional. 

For the International Trainee Programme 2023 we have 5 open positions over the NEEU region

We are looking for trainees for the sales areas "Information Technology" (IT) & Industry

The NEEU Region consists of 6 countires: Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Poland & Czech Republic

What can you expect

The Program

2nd of May, 2023 marks the start of our TrailS (Trainee for Sales) trainee program, which enables talented individuals to lay the foundations for their successful future in sales at CHG-MERIDIAN. The focus of the 15-month program is on getting to know all of the company's divisions and business models as well as building up your own network. Experienced sales colleagues and trainers provide guidance and support throughout the program, ensuring the transfer of ideas, expertise and experience. Following the TrailS trainee program, your career will begin in one of our regionally organized sales teams as a Junior Account Manager.

CHG-MERIDIAN is one of the leading international technology manager and financing expert in the IT, industrial, and healthcare technology sectors.  We finance and manage international technology projects in a holistic, digital, and sustainable manner. Acting independently of banks and manufacturers, we supply the necessary assets to our customers, which include large corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises, hospitals, and the public sector.

We have been carbon-neutral since 2021. To achieve this, we avoid, reduce, or offset all CO₂ emissions generated by our business activities.

What we offer

  • 15-months of intensive knowledge transfer on sales-relevant operating procedures, business models, software tools and soft skills
  • Intensive training by the specialist departments and an experienced mentor from the sales department who will provide advice and support
  • Training and development alternately at your target location
  • a project-related assignment abroad in one of our 28 countries
  • Further training through the company's own HR Academy
  • Individual career advancement and the targeted development of your personal strengths
  • a flexible and mobile working time model
  • Mobile devices (laptop and company cell phone) also for private use
  • a permanent employment contract after successful completion of the trainee program


  • You have successfully completed a degree in economics, business administration, health management, business informatics, sales management or a comparable course of study, or you have completed a commercial apprenticeship with subsequent work experience.
  • You have already had initial contact with the topic of sales and have a strong affinity for sales
  • You are motivated, committed and enjoy taking on responsibility
  • You have communication and sales talent
  • You know how to convince people of ideas and concepts in the long term
  • You convince through positive charisma and a healthy ambition
  • You are eager to prove your strengths in the sales team of a successful and innovative company.
  • You have a certain flexibility and willingness to travel
  • Fluent in English, both in writing and speaking. Local language skills are also required.
Frank Kottmann, Member of the Board of Management, CSO at CHG-MERIDIAN

“Participants in our sales trainee program (TrailS) are equipped with all the knowledge they need to succeed. They learn on the job and through the Company’s HR Academy, work alongside experienced mentors, and are given lots of guidance and support at this fledgling stage of their career. The customized program prepares these talented individuals to take on high-responsibility roles in sales.”

Meet our trainee alumni

Why did you choose the trainee program in the field of Sales?

Jomo Zander:
“Everyone immediately associates sales with selling, selling, selling. But sales is about much more than that.

Sales is extremely multifaceted. To be successful, you need a high level of negotiating skill, strong communication skills and extensive specialist knowledge. Whether in discussions with existing customers or when winning new customers - these skills are essential for addressing and handling every customer in the right way.

And it’s precisely these skills that we have the opportunity to develop during our extensive trainee program with trainings provided by our internal HR-Academy, workshops and coachings. We also do a lot of “learning on the job”, with support from our mentors and a wealth of tips and tricks.
The chance to gain useful insights was one of a key reasons I applied to take part in TrailS at CHG-MERIDIAN.”

What defines sales for you?

Maximilian Leppert:

“I see sales representatives as the top athletes in the economy.

As mentioned before, the main task is, of course, sales. But - just like in sport - you have to have a wide range of skills and combine them to be successful. You have to be able to read the person you are dealing with, for example, be able to analyze situations and quickly develop an understanding for the problem. Determination and hunger to succeed are also essential, just like in sport. And this is precisely the challenge we face.”

Has CHG-MERIDIAN fulfilled your expectations so far?

Selina Gschwind:
“In short: Yes.

After a compact induction at the headquarters in Weingarten, we spent the first three months in Internal Sales at our relevant sites. During this time, we learned about the business model of CHG-MERIDIAN and the processes behind it.

After the period in Internal Sales, each trainee was assigned an experienced mentor. We worked with our mentors on our first projects. These included all activities relevant for sales, from customer analysis and acquisition, finding solutions, creating quotations and completing contracts.

Our individual development is also supported by various trainings in the internal HR-Academy on topics such as presentation training, holding successful sales discussions and the mathematics of finance. The fact that all trainees come together regularly in trainings and the regular exchanges in telephone conferences also enables us to stay in close contact even across different sites and to share our experiences in sales.

We are currently organizing our three-month assignment abroad in one of our international subsidiaries, which we are looking forward to immensely. I’m off to Vimercate, close to Milan.”

Apply now and kickstart your carreer!

Would you like to become part of our team? 
Apply directly online with a motivation letter, your CV, your training and work references.

Please also let us know which locations you would like to apply for and which sales areas you prefer.

If you have any questions, please contact our human resources department directly. Your contact person for this job advertisement is:

Sibylle Schmid - phone +49 751 503 180 (HR Manager HQ in Weingarten, Germany)
Corinne Schmitz - phone +46 72 08 08 515 (HR Manager NEEU, Sweden)