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Focusing on the future while adhering to established values is simply logical for us. This is why CHG-MERIDIAN supports development that is highly innovative, robust, and absolutely compatible with people and the environment. Wherever we operate around the world, we act fairly and with integrity.

Actively promoting refurbishment

Our aim is to make an effective contribution to sustainable development and to conserving resources. To achieve this aim we use our core competency of innovative technology management. By professionally refurbishing and remarketing IT equipment we extend its useful life.

Every year in Gross-Gerau in Germany and in Skien, Norway, CHG-MERIDIAN refurbishes nearly 500,000 IT devices for remarketing. Our remarketing experts sell refurbished equipment all over the world and are thus able to generate revenue for our customers that is usually in excess of normal market prices. We are continuing to expand our re-use concept so that we can offer all customers certification that their old equipment has been reused and disposed of in an eco-friendly and socially beneficial way.

Thrifty by nature: switching our global server infrastructure to cloud technology has significantly cut our electricity consumption.

Reuse is a top priority

CHG-MERIDIAN Belgium launched a new pilot project in 2014 – the first of its kind in the world. When procuring new IT equipment, customers can order an eco-friendly and socially beneficial certified process for their computers that also helps a good cause. Big-ticket orders were received from customers such as consultancy firm Deloitte and Belgian health insurance company CMA (Christelijke Mutualiteit Antwerpen).

Two non-profit organisations recognised by the United Nations (UN) are partners in the project: Close the Gap, which supplies schools and training establishments in developing countries with equipment that is still in good working order, and WorldLoop, which collects defective used equipment in developing countries and takes it to be professionally recycled in order to recover valuable raw materials.

Significant rise in energy efficiency

CHG-MERIDIAN has teamed up with the TÜV Rheinland safety standards authority to offer customers energy-efficient data center certification. As part of the audit we check air conditioning systems, the power supply, CO₂ emissions, and data center management and then use the findings to identify a range of actions for optimisation. A three-year certification cycle ensures that operators regularly invest in state-of-the-art technologies.

A successful outcome is a double win: our customers enhance their efficiency and make an important contribution to protecting the environment.

Showing initiative

As a member of the D21 initiative, we are actively helping to shape the change to an information-based and knowledge-based society. Higher education and training are key to a seamless transition. CHG-MERIDIAN supports practical and interdisciplinary projects, campaigns and dialog formats closely linked to digital media. The company is an official partner of the 2016 D21 Digital Index. The D21 Initiative, which is supported by the German federal government, has been compiling its index since 2013 to measure how 'digital' the Germans are – and where there are gaps remaining.

Our new company headquarters in Weingarten set a benchmark during its early construction phase, successfully combining low environmental impact and aesthetics. The second construction phase, an energy-efficient Passivhaus building, goes even further, with photovoltaic, geothermal and rainwater harvesting systems.

Integrity in practice

Integrity is the foundation of our culture and the basis for our growth. We emphasise respect and trust - as well as strict adherence to rules - in our dealings with one another. We expect our business partners and customers to obey the law and to follow fair competitive practices. Standards that we also hold ourselves to.

Our code of conduct has been binding for all CHG-MERIDIAN employees worldwide since 2013. It provides guidance for day-to-day conduct, aims to prevent misconduct, and is therefore fundamental for our future growth. Group Risk Controlling was also established as a new department. Since then, the chief compliance officer has been responsible for our whistleblowing system that enables business partners and customers as well as employees to report compliance violations anonymously.


We focus on sustainability at all times, in everything we do. This attitude forms a firm and reliable basis for our growth and our relationships with employees, customers, business partners, and society.


We will be happy to talk to you about what can be done to protect and conserve valuable resources.



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Certified data center

Thanks to our TÜV certification, the Charité University Medical Center in Berlin now enjoys even greater prestige as an energy-efficient data center.


High-quality remarketing

Good for our customers, good for the environment: Our professional remarketing extends the useful life of IT equipment.


Mandatory code of conduct

Always applying high ethical and moral standards to our business practices and our conduct – for us this is non-negotiable.